Magnolia Ikat Pillow

Our Indonesian Ikat textiles are handwoven in the Indonesian Islands using ancient techniques passed down through generations, and make a perfect addition to any unique and eclectic home. The blurriness that appears in the textile is a hallmark of Indonesian Ikat, as well as floral, geometric, and animal motifs. The threads are first dyed (resist dye technique), and then lined up and woven by the artist with an extreme level of difficulty to form the desired pattern. The colour palettes are derived from the seasonal availability of various flowers, barks, and seeds from the area, and therefore are all natural! The pillow is assembled by Rug & Weave in Canada and includes a brass zipper closure, and linen/cotton backing.


- 14” x 20”

Primary Colours: Magnolia, black, camel, beige, lilac

Insert: Not included - we recommend a 14” x 20” feather insert.

Care: Handle with care. Spot clean for minor stains or dry clean only as necessary.
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