antique caucasian 3’4” x 8’1”

This 3’4” x 8’1” antique Caucasian rug was hand knotted in the Caucasus region in the 1870s using 100% wool and vegetable dyes. Caucasian rugs are known for their quality craftsmanship, unique geometric designs and are considered among the highest quality rugs in the world.

Note that this is considered a collectors piece due to it’s age and rarity. This rug features a low, worn pile. It is common for antique pieces of this age to have frayed edges, holes, repaired spots & pile thinning. Please review all photos very carefully before purchasing. Most major inconsistencies have been included in the photos. To care for your rug, spot clean with soap and water, or have the rug cleaned by a professional if necessary in the future.