RW x Behind The Hill Pillow

Teaming up with Behind the Hill for our new pillow collection was a dream come true, and arose out of a desire to create pillows that pushed the boundaries of community, simplicity, and environmental connection. Every Behind the Hill textile has been crafted by skilled and passionate human hands, in both Mexico and Guatemala. These unique fabrics are constructed using only natural materials, such as seagrass, ixcaco cotton, and dyes from the surrounding environment. Always ethically made, and always eco-friendly. We set to work to sew these fabrics into their new form, our signature handmade pillows. With unparalleled earth-inspired tones, a soft and durable construction, and over 20 unique styles, we are proud to present to you the Rug & Weave and Behind the Hill Collection.

The pillow is exclusively assembled by Rug & Weave, and includes a brass zipper closure, and cream linen/cotton backing.

Size: 12" x 24"

Insert: Pillow ships unfilled - we recommend stuffing with a 12” x 24” feather insert

Care: Dry clean only, and spot clean when needed

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